Stories by J. Magnolia Sweetwater
This author's self-description: I'm a high-falutin' broad with a false eye and a limp.

'Andante', in Spell Realism. Rank: 6779/9323. Read this story.
'Let no man put asunder', in Brief Oddities. Rank: 1421/9323. Read this story.
'12 High Above Me', in Noir as the night. Rank: 4292/9323. Read this story.
'Yay for Assembly', in Teen slasher flick. Rank: 7282/9323. Read this story.
'Buzzword', in Laughing in the dark. Rank: 2517/9323. Read this story.
'Finish the Job', in Noir as the night. Rank: 1372/9323. Read this story.
'Transport', in Brief Oddities. Rank: 2966/9323. Read this story.
'Go On, Sweetie! You Can Do It!', in Man's Shortest Friend. Rank: 4687/9323. Read this story.

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